Inflatable products are typically inflated with either air, a gas (such as hydrogen, helium or nitrogen) or a liquid. Which of these inflatables are you familiar with? Printable Word Search  Read More →

Dora the Explorer has been produced in many languages. Most of the versions are bilingual but still present learning foreign language phrases through simplicity and repetition. Have you seen any of these foreign language ones? Printable Word Search  Read More →

It’s always good to know how and when to say Thank You … regardless of which country you are in. Here are twenty-six ways Thank You is said around the world. How many languages can you say “thank you” in? Printable Word Search  Read More →

Who doesn’t have vivid memories from their childhood of at least one Dr. Seuss book?! Here are some of the more popular of his 40+ books. The title names are often crazy but kids love the rhyme and cadence his books offer. Printable Word Search  Read More →

While you are likely familiar with your own Zodiac sign as well as those of many other people you know, what you refer to as your “sign” is the Latin term. This list includes the Latin as well as the English meanings. Did you remember the English meaning of all the Zodiac signs? Printable Word Search  Read More →

Developing character traits is encouraged in school-aged kids. Here are some traits beginning with the letters A, B and C. How many of these traits do you see in yourself? in your kids? Printable Word Search  Read More →

Eight letters make for a nice word length … not too long, not too short. Here are twenty-six eight-letter words, one for each letter of the alphabet. Printable Word Search  Read More →

A prime number is a natural number than cannot be divided evenly by any number other than 1 and itself. Here are all the prime numbers under 100. Printable Word Search  Read More →